Boxers or Briefs?

Recently, during the course of a heated discussion, I heard one guy challenge another by asking, “You wear Boxers or briefs?!”.  Now at first it was kind of humorous, but then I began to think of the profoundness of this statement.  Before you stop reading, this post has nothing to do with a discussion of

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Why do people fail to act during a time when we are losing our God-given freedoms? When we’re being further subjected to injustice and the tyranny of a neo-feudalist system? A system that is being imposed on us by the global elite who design this New World Order.  Small actions like withdrawing consent by saying

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        Socialism is generally defined as the democratic and social control of the means of production by the workers for the good of the community or per Marxist theory, a transitional state between capitalism and communism.  The argument for socialism and increasing amounts of it typically involve arguments such as “for the

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Modern Man

The traditional roles of men and women came into their own over thousands of years and were based on the inherent strengths and natural tendencies of the sexes.  Historically, men were primarily responsible as the protector/provider of the women, children, and tribe/village, and active in the “political affairs” of the community and, in turn, women

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